Brace Benz

At Adams Orthodontics, we go the extra mile for your child’s smile! Because Dr. Adams and his team realize that it’s not always easy for parents to find the time to bring their children to and from their appointments, we use our Brace Benz to pick up and drop off our orthodontic patients in style from participating schools in the following areas:

  • Valdosta
  • Lowndes
  • Lanier
  • Cook
  • Echols
  • Berrien
  • Brooks
  • Thomasville
  • Thomas County

How the Brace Benz Works

  • For your peace of mind, the driver of the Brace Benz will have undergone a thorough background check and driving history review and our Public Relations Director will ride along with the driver for multiple pick ups.
  • Once your child is all signed up, the Brace Benz will pick up your child for his/her orthodontic adjustment appointments once every six weeks. We’ll coordinate with your child’s schedule and the checking out/in of your child with his or her school.
  • The Brace Benz will arrive at your child’s school at the appointed time and the driver or PR Director will go inside to sign your child out of class. Your child will then be driven to our office for their appointment.
  • Once your child’s adjustment appointment is over, we’ll schedule the next shuttle for his/her school six weeks later.
  • If you know that your child will miss lunch at school, please send a bag lunch with him or her so he/she can eat it at our office.
  • After each ride, we’ll provide you with a progress report to review. If there are any concerns or problems, your child’s assistant will call you to discuss them.
  • Here is a handy Flyer for more information on how the Brace Benz Works.

Helpful Information To Make The Service Go Smoothly

We’ve worked hard to ensure that this service is both convenient and enjoyable for the students, parents, and faculty! Below is some helpful info to ensure the Brace Benz shuttle service goes smoothly.

  • You will need to sign a Transportation Authorization and Consent Form, a Good Standing Agreement, and School Authorization in order for your child to qualify for the Brace Benz service.
  • If your child cannot make his/her appointment on the scheduled shuttle day, we need to be given a 48-hour notice if possible. We also ask that you call the school to let them know that your child won’t be on the shuttle.
  • Our shuttle will go to each school every six weeks. If you need to cancel an appointment for the shuttle, we will reschedule your child’s appointment for a time when you (a parent) can arrange to bring your child in. This way, your child’s treatment won’t be delayed.
  • Each time your child rides the Brace Benz, he/she will be assigned a time and given an appointment slip for his/her next scheduled ride on the shuttle.
  • You should contact your child’s school to make sure they don’t require any additional paperwork in order for us to pick your child up from school.

** We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the Brace Benz shuttle service due to weather or other reasons.

Sign up for the Complimentary Brace Benz Shuttle!

If your child is seeing our orthodontist for Valdosta or Thomasville braces and you’d like to use this complimentary shuttle service to get your child safely to and from his or her appointments, please download and print the forms below, and submit them to our front desk or fax them to us at 229-247-8870.

Once we get the completed forms, we’ll provide your child’s school with completed copies. It’s important that you put Adams Orthodontics on your child’s approved pick up list at school. Once everything’s in order, we’ll get in touch with you to set up your child’s schedule on the amazing Brace Benz!

Brace Benz Forms

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