By offering our Valdosta, Thomasville and Tifton area patients a variety of orthodontic treatment options, Adams Orthodontics is able to deliver the most effective treatment for your individual needs. Within the different types of braces that we offer, the Damon® Braces system is a highly-effective orthodontic treatment option. With low-friction, passive, self-ligating brackets, many of our patients choose one of our types of Damon® Braces to deliver remarkable results quickly and with less discomfort.

What are Damon Braces?

The Damon® system was developed by orthodontist Dr. Dwight Damon to improve the speed and comfort of traditional braces. The self-ligating systems use low-friction brackets with lockable lids that don’t require elastic o-rings to hold the wires in place. Instead of elastics, the hi-tech light-force archwires freely slide through the slots of the brackets without friction. Since the tie-less braces don’t need to be “tightened” teeth move with fewer adjustments. This minimally invasive treatment protocol is clinically proven to deliver remarkable advantages for Adams Orthodontics patients.

Who Can Wear Damon Braces?

While many people believe braces are something you should have as an adolescent, at Adams Orthodontics, we believe you are never too old to pursue a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Adams successfully treats patients of all ages with Damon® braces. Dr. Bradley Adams is an expert orthodontist and will develop a plan that takes into account your face, profile and other factors as well as anticipating what you will look like in the future. No matter what your age, you can gain self-confidence and self-esteem by having straight teeth and a beautiful smile plus it can give you better overall oral health.

Damon® Q Braces

img_damon_02Damon® Q combines the latest medical advances into the revolutionary Damon System, providing a treatment option with unmatched convenience and reliability. These braces are crafted from the highest quality stainless steel for extra strength and durability. They still have the rounded design for more comfortable treatment, but they are also much thinner and slimmer than the Damon® 3MX making them even more comfortable and less noticeable. A new patented design called SpinTek™ is used for the bracket caps allowing quick and easy opening and closing and even faster wire changes. Damon® Q braces feature removable positioning gauges to help ensure your orthodontist places the brackets in the perfect position to give you a great-looking smile! If you want a beautiful smile with the least amount of treatment time, please contact us for more information on the latest revolution in self-ligating braces: Damon® Q!

What Are The Advantages Of Damon Braces?

You’ll find many advantages of Damon® braces over traditional braces including:

  • Less noticeable

    Generally, Daman® brackets are smaller than the brackets of regular metal braces and less noticeable to others. The Damon® system also comes in clear versions for the image conscious.
  • Less discomfort

    With its self-ligating, tie-less bracket system your teeth can move more freely into position with less force and therefore, less pain. No more tightening of braces wires resulting in days of discomfort after each visit. Thanks to the smaller size of the brackets and their smooth rounded design, patients say Damon® braces offer more comfort than traditional metal braces. In a study by Tagawa, patients reported an average of 60% less discomfort than those treated with conventional braces, while their acceptance and enthusiasm about the Damon® technique was uniformly and exceptionally positive.
  • Easier to clean

    The Damon® system offers a chance for you to keep your mouth cleaner with regular brushing and flossing which is much easier without the elastic bands. Dr. Adams emphasizes that good oral health during orthodontic treatment is imperative to avoid staining and bacteria build up which can lead to cavities.
  • Limits Tooth Extractions

    The explanation is extremely technical, but in simple terms, because of the light forces of the Damon System over-crowded teeth can slide into place without the need for extracting healthy teeth or surgery in most cases. 

  • Reduced treatment time

    Studies show patients who utilize Damon® braces treatments had treatment times that were more than a half a year shorter than patients with traditional metal braces. That’s because the Damon® System exhibits 99.5% less friction than active self-ligating brackets and 99.8% less friction than conventionally ligated braces according to a study by Vourdouris. This reduction in friction has been linked to shortening overall treatment time.
  • Fewer, faster office visits

    In addition to shorter overall treatment time, the use of Damon® braces requires patients to have fewer visits to your orthodontist’s office for tightening and adjusting of the braces. One study showed a 47.8 percent reduction in appointments as compared to the metal braces group. If you’re receiving Damon® braces treatment from Adams Orthodontics, you should plan to visit our Valdosta or Thomasville office on average 7 to 10 times, perhaps coming every 10-12 weeks. Because of the ease of changing the wire on the bracket your time in our offices is also shortened.

Find Out More At Adams Orthodontics

If the advantages of trying Damon® braces intrigues you, call the best orthodontist in the area to find out how this system might get you started on a new beautiful and healthy smile. With Georgia locations in Valdosta, Thomasville, and Tifton, Adams Orthodontics is sure to be convenient to visit. Use our online appointment form to schedule your first free consultation. Dr. Adams will review your orthodontic needs and recommend a plan that is best for you. With our expert and professional staff, we can guide you through the financial process and develop a payment plan that fits within your budget. Don’t delay that smile you deserve, call today.

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